My work for the ABC

My work for the Monthly

Letter To A Friend From An Idiot Sandwich, The Lifted Brow #44, January 2020

The End of Dreaming, The Death of the Dreamer, The Lifted Brow #43, October 2019

The Needle and the Damage Done, The Lifted Brow #41, March 2019

A bird flew from the mournful left, Griffith Review 61: Who We Are, July 2018

Bound by a hundred snares of hope, The Lifted Brow #38, June 2018 (published at Literary Hub as ‘The False Nobility of Space Billionaires’)

Beyond the Bridge to Nowhere, Overland #229, December 2017 (Fair Australia Prize winning essay)

Deep Ocean, The Lifted Brow #36, December 2017

Sun drops and digital tomatoes, The Lifted Brow #34, June 2017

Waiting for the Sun, Griffith Review 55: State of Hope, January 2017

An interview on making the shortlist of the 2017 Scribe Nonfiction Prize for Young Writers

An interview with Bowen Street Press in September 2020